The difference between FFG and AWS

There are two main organizations in Austria at the national level that support startups with various financial instruments, one of which is the FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agencyandthe second is aws – austria wirtschaftsservice.

Vijay Verma on the differences between the two major Austrian funding agencies – FFG and aws. 

Research and development or deep tech

The difference between the two is that FFG supports projects and start-ups that focus on research and development. Startups that require intensive research for product development are often funded by the, on the other hand, supports startups that are anchored in the high-tech/deep-tech sector or come from the creative industries. But here, too, a high degree of innovation is necessary in order to successfully apply for a funding program.

Payment of the subsidies

The way in which the funding is paid out also differs between the two agencies: in the case of FFG funding, approx. 50% of the total approved funding is paid out in advance. At aws, on the other hand, it is usually the case that the funding is not paid out in advance, but when certain milestones are reached. This means that aws reimburses the costs incurred retrospectively.

Most FFG grants have a 70%, 50%, 90% funding rate and in most cases this is a grant combined with a loan for the company.

Any further questions?

If you have any questions or are unclear about the funding procedures of these two funding agencies, please send a message to verma[at] or via our Contact form and we look forward to getting in touch with you and answering your questions.

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