Success stories of our customers

Results that make a difference.
With more than 450 successfully completed projects, we have built up a network and close cooperation with customers and partner organizations from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and many other countries.

Alexander Gänsdorfer

"Thanks to Dharma Funding Solutions, we are able to apply for various national and international funding programs. What would not have been possible with internal resources alone is now a well-coordinated solution that requires less than half the resources than would normally be the case. In addition, the chances of success are much higher because the Dharma team knows exactly how to structure and formulate the applications."

Markus Kainz

Gateway Ventures (ehemals PrimeCROWD GmbH)
"We ensure that the quality of our cooperation partners meets a high standard. As Dharma Funding Solutions has a high success rate in applying for public funding in Austria and the EU, we are happy to connect our investor and start-up network with them."

Katharina Unger, Founder & CEO 

Livin Farms AgriFood GmbH

"We recommend Dharma Funding Solutions to anyone seeking grant proposal services. Their service has made us a satisfied customer. We look forward to working with them again."

Daniel Haslinger, CEO

Objectbay Software GmbH

"Vijay's in-depth knowledge of the funding landscape in Austria and Europe and his understanding of innovative ideas and their potential is the perfect combination for successful projects. We would recommend working with Vijay without reservation."

Martin Pongratz, Founder & CEO

snp4you GmbH

"Our collaboration on the proposal creation with DFS was very efficient and effective. Their consultants were able to use the information we provided to create a very appealing proposal which fully succeeded. We can highly recommend teaming up with DFS to create a funding proposal. "

Thomas Hapala, Co-Founder

Lohnbot GmbH

"Vijay has been instrumental in helping us navigate the funding landscape and explore the possibilities available to us. He always responded promptly, enabling us to efficiently submit and secure multiple grants. We are planning to expand to Germany and, with Vijay's assistance, obtained funding for internationalization. We wholeheartedly recommend Dharma Funding Solutions!"

Markus Kainz, CEO

Gateway Ventures

"We ensure that the quality of our cooperation partners meets a high standard. As Dharma Funding Solutions has a high success rate in applying for public funding in Austria and the EU, we are happy to connect our investor and start-up network with them."


Mark Breuß, Founder & CEO

Mark.ONE GmbH

"Working with Dr. Vijay Verma and Dharma Funding Solutions made a significant difference in securing a key research grant for our startup. The process was professional and efficient, aligning perfectly with our expectations.We're grateful for their support and look forward to future projects."

Alexander Kornell, CTO

Reebuild GmbH

As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at reebuild, I am thrilled to share our experience with Dharma Funding Solutions and the instrumental role they have played in our journey. At reebuild, our focus is on revolutionizing the construction industry through automated financial and environmental reporting.

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Our innovation lies in products like automated invoice control, digital site management, materials procurement, and subcontractor cost management. With our roots in the DACH region and an eye towards global expansion, our partnership with Dharma Funding Solutions has been a cornerstone of our growth. Dharma's expertise in corporate funding and financing, particularly within the realms of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and the EU, has been invaluable. Their comprehensive approach, encompassing funding application preparation, corporate business consulting, business plan evaluation, and especially their expertise in renewable and environmental engineering consulting, has been pivotal for us.

Their proactive approach and deep competence were evident in how they helped us secure public grants like the FFG Basis Program for startup research funding and the WAW Internationalisierung Focus for sales funding in Germany. What impressed us the most was their ability to understand not just the financial aspects of our projects, but also our company vision and the specific grants that would be most beneficial to us.

Their team's background in science and a keen understanding of our industry-specific challenges allowed them to align their services seamlessly with our needs. This synergy has not only fueled our growth but also strengthened our confidence in navigating the complex landscape of international business expansion.

We are grateful to Dharma Funding Solutions for their exceptional support and look forward to our continued collaboration as we venture into new markets and further our mission of transforming the construction industry.


Georg Brandner, CEO & Partner

Integrated Consulting Group

"I have known Dr. Verma for several years for his social project and his financing expertise. He is very competent and easy to talk to and discuss projects with. He has a keen sense for innovations and the associated funding opportunities & funding strategy optimization."


Lukas Fischer, CEO

Refinq GmbH

"Dr. Vijay Verma's expertise and dedication were crucial in guiding our funding application process. His exceptional knowledge and approachable nature greatly enhanced our experience and made complex tasks even more enjoyable to manage. We deeply appreciate his commitment and the invaluable support he and his team have provided, which has been crucial to the quality (and success) of our application."

Ben Müller-Niklas, Managing Director

JUHUU BikeBox GmbH

Dharma Funding Solutions helped us with our funding application with outstanding competence and efficiency. Their commitment and expertise have been a great help to us and we are delighted with the work they have done. We would recommend Dharma Funding Solutions with a clear conscience!

Mario Maier, Co-Founder


"We are grateful for Dharma's valuable work with our recent FFG grant. Their expertise played an important role in our successful application, they quickly understood our business model and the planned project and helped with the application in a very smooth process."

Markus Finster, Managing Director

Software Spinner

"Dharma Funding Solutions helped us secure a FFG grant that enables us to bring our new technology that much quicker to market. We couldn't have done it without them. The assigned project lead, Emily, in particular was a great help in making sure that all i's are dotted and that all t's are crossed and everything was submitted in time."

Emir Selimovic, CEO

Dotbite GmbH

"Every year, we help dozens of start-ups and innovation companies to realize their full potential and achieve product-market fit. Many of these companies have successfully worked with Dharma Solutions to secure funding and maintain their growth trajectory. We are delighted to have Dharma as our partner and look forward to seeing our customers grow with them."

Christoph Platzer, CEO

Parkside Interactive

"The big advantage is that Dharma Funding Solutions can advise start-ups on the variety of financing available in Europe. When deciding on Horizon Europe, EIC Accelerator, AWS, SFG or FFG funding, Dharma is the right consultancy to choose the right funding for the right phase."

Heinrich-Stefan Prokop, CEO

Clever Clover

"We work with Vijay and Dharma Funding Solutions to help our start-ups find their way through the often very complex regulations when it comes to finding grants and co-investment at national and European level. When it comes to finding solutions for our partners, Vijay leaves no stone unturned and we can fully support him in his work."

Markus Barta, CEO

Bytepoets GmbH

"Dr. Vijay K. Verma has been very committed to supporting us with various funding projects and financing for some time now. I particularly like his professional approach, his clear communication and his positive, friendly nature. I have dealt with many funding consultants, but with 'The Funding Expert' I am sure I will get the best results. I can only warmly recommend the team around Dr. Verma!"


Gilles Gauthier, Director

Bioenergy Europe

"Given Dr. Vijay Kumar Verma's (CEO of Dharma Funding Solutions) vast expertise in both the technical and financing aspects of bioenergy projects, Bioenergy Europe is confidently working with Dharma Funding Solutions to identify EU funding opportunities. We thank Dr. Verma for the fruitful cooperation and for several successful EU funding applications in the bioenergy sector."

Daniil Klubov, CEO


"Vijay and his team helped us to better understand the logic of the FFG application and ensure that we bring out the best in our company. The application process was not easy, it was a lot of work, but in the end it was worth it for us and we made it into the FFG basic program. Thank you, Vijay, for leading us to success!"

Philip Lanz, CEO


"I applied for FFG funding with Dharma Funding Solutions. Dr. Verma and his team were very helpful from the beginning to the end of the project. The entire process went very quickly and smoothly and was very pleasant. I felt very professionally understood. The Dharma team are not only experts in financial matters, but also in technical matters, which was very helpful."

Anja Katharina Jandl, MSc.; MMag. Ingrid Maria Opetnik Founders

GlowUp Solutions GmbH

"The Dharma Funding Solutions team provided us with the best possible support down to the smallest detail in all funding matters. All matters were dealt with quickly and easily and our complicated project was brought to the point very well. We can definitely recommend Dharma Funding Solutions."

Deivis Shomo, CFO


"We worked with Vijay when we applied for FFG funding and we are very happy with the entire team behind Dharma Funding Solutions. As a young start-up, they helped us a lot in preparing all the necessary documents, the collaboration was very professional in the way the whole project was managed. They have a lot of experience with this type of government financing and have been very responsive and helpful with every challenge we have encountered. Many thanks to Vijay and his team!"
Image Marjan Parvizi Marjan Parvizi, Unternehmerin

"The initial meeting, the support with the strategy and project plan as well as the business plan and the entire process went very quickly and smoothly. The beautiful, inviting office and the friendly staff made the collaboration extremely pleasant. I felt understood and will definitely implement further projects with Dharma Funding Solutions."

Dr. Christoph Grimmer, CEO


"As the founder of a start-up, you have to carry out R&D, legal, HR, administration, accounting, marketing, sales, financing, etc., etc. The most important aspect is the finances of a young company. Therefore, we could not be happier to be supported by Vijay in all aspects of finance (public funding and private equity). Thank you very much for your great work. I am looking forward to our upcoming collaboration."

Stefan Strein, CEO

Doro Turbinen GmbH

"In Dr. Vijay Kumar Verma, I have found a partner who relieves me massively in the very time-consuming area of funding strategy and business strategy. The even greater added value for the company itself lies in its specific knowledge and experience from countless projects. With his support, we were able to significantly increase the success rate of our submissions - and that is ultimately the most important thing."

Konstantin Mautner-Lassnig, CEO

Arti GmbH

"The collaboration and advice from Vijay and his team has significantly increased the speed and execution of business plans. The final results were very promising and helped our company to better position itself on the market and open up new business channels. As a young company, a high standard of quality is of crucial importance to us, as this sets us apart from comparable competitor solutions. In addition, our specialist field is usually difficult to understand and not always accessible to other professional groups. DFS was able to provide us with additional support in this area."

Dr. Hao Li

TU Wien

"Dr. Verma is a very enthusiastic person. He has many years of valuable work experience in research and development in the field of renewable energies as well as numerous insights into funding applications. He founded this company to give others the opportunity to gain his valuable insights. I would highly recommend it!"

Stefan Panholzer, CEO

Vendevio GmbH

"With Dharma Funding Solutions, we have found a strong partner for financing-related topics. I can only recommend her knowledge of financing and customer satisfaction. We have succeeded in obtaining several Austrian subsidies with them - for us and our customers."

Vlad Gozman, CEO & Founder

"Dharma Funding Solutions' expertise has been instrumental in the expansion of by advising on our grant options and preparing a thorough proposal. The expertise, flexibility and professionalism of the entire team have led to a long-standing partnership that is fruitful for both sides."

Dipl.-Ing. Karin Pichler, Managing Director

Carrot & Company GmbH

"With Vijay, we always know how to approach the financing of our development and design projects. This gives us the security to focus on web and mobile app development, on everything from design to development, for ourselves and our trusted customers."

Michael D. Garrigosa, CEO


"I would like to thank you and your team, especially Mr. Klaus Förster, for your cooperation, advice and guidance in supporting me with my business plan."

Mykhailo (Misha) Voronko, COO and Co-Founder


"It is a pleasure to work with Vijay and Emily. When applying for public funding, there are many hidden barriers that need to be overcome. It is therefore crucial to have an experienced partner at your side to support the application process and help you avoid mistakes. Especially when these errors determine whether a company receives financial support or not. We received our funding and the collaboration with Dharma Solutions was one of the key success factors."

Emir Causevic, CEO and Co-Founder


"I give my warmest recommendation to Dharma, who provide us with invaluable support. in securing access to public funding for our organization. Dharma's knowledge, expertise and dedication were crucial in navigating the often complex process of raising funds from government sources.

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"Their ability to understand our specific needs and adapt their approach accordingly was impressive and much appreciated. Throughout the process, Dharma was always responsive and available to answer questions or provide guidance. They went above and beyond what was necessary to ensure we had the information and resources needed to build a compelling case for our funding request. Her attention to detail and thoroughness in preparing our applications made all the difference in securing the support we needed. I can highly recommend Dharma for their exceptional work in supporting access to public funding. Her expertise, dedication and professionalism were truly outstanding."

Gymneus GmbH

Gymneus GmbH

"Dharma Funding Solutions does an excellent job of helping start-ups successfully find short and medium term funding. A commendable team of professionals who attach great importance to quality and are customer-oriented. I can recommend it without reservation!"

Maxxyt GmbH

Maxxyt GmbH

"We are developing one of the most popular wearable, watch-like electronic devices for the wrist that is used by people who work out in fitness centers and gyms. Thanks to its electronic sensors and microcontroller, it allows users to monitor their training activities. While we were busy developing our technical concept and product, Dr. Vijay K. Verma helped us get an AWS Preseed grant for our project.

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With his support, our financial worries disappeared and we were able to concentrate fully on our business and product development. We found that writing and preparing the funding application was extremely difficult and time-consuming. For a start-up like us, our time and concentration are extremely important. With Dharma Funding Solutions, we always have the feeling that we are in the right hands when it comes to public funding."

Param Corp Ltd.

Param Corp GmbH

"With the help of Dr. Verma, we have successfully implemented our project in the real estate sector. With his help and his highly professional expertise in financing and finance, we have succeeded in having several financing applications accepted. Dr. Verma and his team are very committed to the success of their clients. By working with Dharma Funding Solutions, we were able to realize further developments and innovations in the real estate sector."

Our partners about Dharma Funding Solutions

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Pallas Capital Group


First Bank


Raiffeisen Bank

Our expertise in energy and sustainability

Hier eine kleine Auswahl von Projekten, an denen wir in den letzten Jahren aktiv mitgearbeitet haben

Smart Grid operation

Verteilersystembetreibers (VSB)

Vor dem Hintergrund lokaler Netzprobleme (z. B. Spannungsüberhöhungen, Phasenunsymmetrie und thermische Belastung durch Oberschwingungen), die durch eingebettete Erzeugungsanlagen und elektronische Lasten entstehen, ist ein Wandel beim Betrieb der Verteilernetze erforderlich. Verteilernetzbetreiber, die bisher für die Wartung und den Betrieb des (statischen) Netzes zuständig waren, müssen nun die Rolle des Verteilersystembetreibers (VSB) übernehmen, um die an diese Netze angeschlossenen Geräte aktiv/dynamisch zu verwalten. Dazu gehören intelligente Netzschaltanlagen sowie eingebettete Erzeugungsanlagen und Lasten (in Zusammenarbeit mit ihren Eigentümern). Es wird ein Marktansatz angestrebt, der eine preisabhängige Reaktion auf die Nachfrage (DR) vorschreibt. Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf der technischen Herausforderung und den damit verbundenen regulatorischen Fragen, die es zu bewältigen gilt.

Förderung: Gemeinsam finanziert von Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), SP Energy Networks, UK Power Networks (UKPN)

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Sustainable energy technologies


Netzgekoppelte Durchflussbatterien sind aufgrund der Entkopplung von Leistung und Energie, der fehlenden Selbstentladung und des hohen Recyclingpotenzials eine geeignete Technologie. Sie haben jedoch spezifische Anwendungen, für die sie im Vergleich zu anderen gebräuchlicheren Typen wie Li-Ionen-Batterien geeignet sind. Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf der Betriebslogik und den kritischen Reaktionszeiten, die für diese Technologie charakteristisch sind.

Förderung: Korea Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) Institut

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Simulation and control of electrical systems

Simulation von Steuerungssystemen

Elektrische Fehler in Motoren und Generatoren (z. B. in Windenergieanlagen) können aufgrund der durch Kurzschlüsse erzeugten Überhitzung schnell zu einem Totalausfall führen. Es ist absolut entscheidend, einen solchen Fehler zu erkennen und ihn dann zu isolieren oder die Maschine anzuhalten, bevor irreparable Schäden entstehen. Die physikalische Asymmetrie, die in die Wicklung des Motors/Generators eingebracht wird, wirkt sich auch auf die Steuerung aus, z. B. bei einem Antrieb mit variabler Drehzahl und Frequenz. Darüber hinaus verändert das Steuersystem auch die Art und Weise, wie sich der Fehler im Strom und in den Schwingungen des Systems manifestiert, und erschwert so die Fehlererkennung.

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