More than 80% of start-ups we consulted 
received at least ONE funding.

150+ already successful projects

Your success is our success as well :)

With our highly qualified technical, business and financial experts, we help you to improve your overall project concept so that it fits perfectly to the funding requirements.

When working with you, we'll follow three key steps:

1 - We study your project, technical innovation, your plan for product/process development & financial needs for next 2-5 years.

2 - We investigate all funding options for you (Austria, Germany and EU) and suggest you the BEST fit funding for your project at current stage.

3 - We work together, develop your project concept and prepare your grant applications.

"Hello, I am Dr. Vijay Kumar Verma, leading funding expert in Austria, and I'm looking forward to support your project!"

1. The "your time best invested" quiz 

(5 min. max.)

Just answer a couple of brief, easy questions – about yourself, your team, your company structure, your goals etc. You'll get an immediate result on whether you're project is fit our Dharma Funding Solutions and, if so, you'll get a FREE 1 hour strategy call with our funding experts.

2. The strategy "pick Vijay's brain" call (50 min.)

What it is – a great opportunity for you:

  • Discuss your project in detail within an NDA and ask us any question you have.
  • Talk about previous failed attempts (if any) and discuss what should be your next steps.
  • Feel free to send us your questions, pitch, and any other relevant document
  • Receive a first FREE evaluation** of your chances for a (public) funding.
  • We support innovation driven projects in technical, scientific, research & creative industry fields.

What it is definitely NOT

  • A pitch presentation, high-pressure, high-urgency, any kind of biking agreement
  • YES, you are absolutely free to decide after this meeting if you wish to work with us.

Let's do a small quiz!

Would you prefer to get in touch with us directly?

Book a direct meeting with Dr. Vijay Verma via his Calendly.

  • Please be prepared to discuss your project in detail (including technical details and innovation).
  • Let us know whether you've already tried to apply for a public funding (successfully or unsuccessfully).
  • You'll learn EXACTLY what we do.

FAQ – Transparency in everything we do.

Why do I have to take a quiz before talking to Dr. Verma?

We receive about 3 to 5 start-up requests every week.
It's just not possible to give all of them our maximum efforts – and there is no such thing as a "Consultation LIGHT".
Therefore we pre-qualify via our quiz:
YES, we should talk, there is a good chance for a "perfect match".
NO, you are maybe "not there yet". In such cases we will still come up with valuable advice.
NO, you are maybe already "too advanced". Of course, we are still happy to network with you and search for synergies.

Why is one hour with Dr. Vijay Verma so valuable?

Pure Value. No fluff.
Over the Years, Dr. Verma has developed a unique set of skills in terms of start-up funding. Usually, it takes him only a couple of minutes to evaluate the potential of a start-up to find the right track of fundings.

Within an hour you will gain deep insights on your chances and even a clear path on what to do next. There will be only one decision left for you to take: Do it with the team of Dharma Funding Solutions of try it on your own.
No matter your decision: Whatever you will have learned from Dr. Verma is yours to use.

Why do we even need support to be granted a Funding?

Well actually, you DON'T.
I would see our Services as an insurance – you talk with us for the certainty that none of the many funding options in Austria and the European Union are missed and that your application is as good as it gets, that you have a sound funding strategy, that you take the right steps, at the right time, with the right institutions.

In fact, many Founders try to do it "own their own" – and there is nothing wrong with that. Some succeed, some get back to us and we are happy to work with them. Forever lost, however, is the time that they invested, the frustrations they had to go through. And sometimes, you are not even allowed to apply for a specific funding more than ONCE.

How much money do we need to invest?

We have a start-up-friendly business model, your first investment usually depends on a couple of factors.

The business bodel of Dharma Funding Solutions is NOT built on the "first funding", but on the – hopefully much larger – ones after that (Series A, B, C ...).

We see this investment rather as a purposeful barrier for entrepreneurs and start-up founders: If they are serious about their venture, they will find a way to raise this amount of money. If they value their time and energy they probably will not spend their time with doing phone calls and googling for weeks to save that investment.