Partners and Success Stories

A strong network of partners, with over 180 success stories...

With more than 180 realised projects, we at Dharma Funding Solutions have been able to grow and nurture a substantial network of partners and customers. Our partners and customers are located in Austria, Germany, Croatia, Finland, Switzerland, Slovenia, and many more. Do you want to see some practical examples of how we can help you? Below is a small selection of testimonials from just some of our partners.


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Partners & Success Stories

Heinrich-Stefan Prokop, CEO

"We work with Vijay and Dharma Funding Solutions in order to help our start-ups find their way through the often very complex regulations when it comes to finding grants and co-investments on a national and European level. When it comes to discovering solutions for our partners Vijay doesn't leave a stone unturned, and we can fully endorse him in his work."

Markus Kainz, CEO 

"We ensure that the quality of our cooperation partners are of a high standard. As Dharma Funding Solutions has a high success rate concerning public funding proposals in Austria and the EU, we are more than happy to connect our Investors and start-up network with them."  

Alexander Gänsdorfer – CMO and Co-Founder

"Thanks to Dharma Funding Solutions we are able to able to apply for different national and international funding programs. What would not have been possible with only our internal resources is now possible with less than half of the resources we usually would need. On top of that the chances of success are much higher since the Dharma team exactly knows how to structure and phrase the application"

Georg Brandner, CEO & Partner

"I've known Dr. Verma for many years for his social project and his financing expertise. He is incredibly competent, easy to talk to, and easy to discuss projects with. He has a keen eye for innovation, funding opportunities, and funding strategy optimisation."

Georg Brandner Integrated Consulting Group Testimonial für Dharma Funding Solutions

Mykhailo (Misha) Voronko - COO and Co-Founder

"It is a pleasure working with Vijay and Emily. There are many hidden barriers that one faces when applying for any public funding. So it is crucial to have an experienced partner who supports the application process and helps you avoid mistakes. Especially when those mistakes decide whether a company gets funding or not. We got our funding, and having Dharma Solutions as our partner was one of the key success factors.

Gilles Gauthier, Director 

"Given the great expertise of Dr Vijay Kumar Verma (CEO of Dharma Funding Solutions) both in the technical and funding aspects of bioenergy projects, Bioenergy Europe is collaborating with full trust in Dharma Funding Solutions in order to identify EU funding opportunities. We thank Dr Verma for fruitful cooperation and for several successful EU funding applications in the bioenergy sector."

Michael D. Garrigosa, CEO

"I would sincerely like to thank you and your team, especially Mr. Klaus Förster, for cooperation, guidance, and advice in the preparation of our business plan."

Erfahrung mit Dharma Funding Solutions ifactory

Philip Lanz, CEO

"I worked with Dharma Funding Solutions when applying for FFG Funding. Dr. Verma and his team were incredibly helpful from beginning to end. The whole process was very quick, smooth, and enjoyable. I felt understood as a professional. The Dharma Team are not only experts in financial, but also technical issues, which was very helpful."  

Erfahrungen Dharma Funding Solutions - Feel Ayoka

Daniil Klubov, CEO

“Vijay and his team helped us to better understand the logic of the FFG application and made sure we brought the best of our business to light. The application process was not easy, it was a lot of work, but in the end it was successful and we won the FFG Basisprogramm. Thank you Vijay, for guiding us towards success!“

Logo Tolstoy - Testimonial Dharma Funding Solutions

GlowUp Solutions GmbH

Anja Katharina Jandl, MSc; MMag. Ingrid Maria Opetnik, Founders

"The team at Dharma Funding Solutions supported us in the best possible way down to the smallest detail. All of our concerns were dealt with quickly and in a straightforward manner, our complex project was handled very well. We can definitely recommend Dharma Funding Solutions."

Logo GlowUp Solutions

Markus Barta, CEO

"Dr. Vijay K. Verma has been committed to supporting us with various funding projects and financing for some time now. I particularly like his professional attitude, clear communication, and his positive, friendly approach. I have already worked with many funding advisors, but with "the Funding Expert", I am sure to receive the best results. I can highly recommend Dr. Verma and his team!"

Erfahrungen Dharma Funding Solutions - Testiomial Bytepoets

Deivis Shomo, CFO and Co-Founder

"We worked with Vijay when applying for FFG Funding, and we are very happy with the whole team behind Dharma Funding Solutions. As a young start-up, they helped us prepare all the necessary documents, and you could see the professionalism in the way they managed the whole project. Their experience with such public funding is very extensive, and they were very responsive and helpful with every challenge we encountered along the way. Thank you Vijay & team!”

Vlad Gozman, CEO and Founder

"The expertise of Dharma Funding Solutions has been instrumental in the expansion of, through advising us on our potential grant options and helping us prepare a thorough proposal. The know-how, flexibility, and professionalism of the entire Dharma team has resulted in a fruitful long-lasting partnership between us."

Emir Causevic, CEO and Co-Founder

"I am pleased to offer my strongest recommendation for Dharma, who provided invaluable support in securing access to public funding for our organization. Dharma's knowledge, expertise, and dedication were instrumental in navigating the often-complex process of securing funding from government sources. Their ability to understand our specific needs and tailor their approach accordingly was impressive and greatly appreciated.
Throughout the process, Dharma was always responsive and available to answer questions or provide guidance. They went above and beyond to ensure that we had the information and resources necessary to make a compelling case for our funding request. Their attention to detail and thoroughness in preparing our application made all the difference in securing the support we needed.
I highly recommend Dharma for their exceptional work in supporting access to public funding. Their expertise, dedication, and professionalism were truly outstanding."

Dr. Marjan Parvizi, Entrepreneur

"The initial consultation, the support with the strategy and project plan, and the whole process in general went very smoothly. The pleasant office and friendly staff made cooperation extremely pleasant. I felt well understood and will definitely work with Dharma Funding Solutions on future projects."

Dr. Marjan Parvizi, Kundin Dharma Funding Solutions

Dr. Christoph Grimmer, CEO

"As the founder of a start up, you need to be able to manage competencies in R&D, HR, accounting, finances, marketing, sales, etc. The most important aspect in a new company are the finances. So we could not be happier to be supported by Vijay in all aspects of finance (public funding and private equity). Thank you so much for your amazing work, and I look forward to our upcoming collaboration!"

Stefan Strein, CEO

"I have found a partner who takes a significant amount of pressure off of me in the areas of funding and business strategy in one Dr. Vijay Kumar Verma. The value in his company comes from the countless experience and knowledge gained in previous projects, and with his support we were able to significantly increase the success rate of our applications, and that is ultimately the most important thing."

Vendevio GmbH

Stefan Panholzer, CEO

"Through Dharma Funding Solutions, we have found a strong partner for financing-related topics. Their knowledge in financing and customer satisfaction is something I can only recommend. With them, we have managed to receive Austrian funding several times, for us and our clients."

Dipl.-Ing. Karin Pichler, Managing Director

"With Vijay we always know how to approach funding for our development and design projects. This gives us the security to focus on developing web and mobile apps, on everything from design to development, for ourselves and our trusted clients."

Konstantin Mautner-Lassnig, CEO

"Through the cooperation and advice of Vijay and his team, the speed and execution of business plans could be decisively increased. The final results were very promising and helped our company to better position itself in the market and open new business channels. As a young company, a high standard of quality is of crucial importance for us, as this is what sets us apart from comparable competing solutions. In addition, our domain is usually difficult to understand and is not always accessible for other professional fields. DFS has been able to provide us with additional assistance in this area."

... implements and works with projects from the plastics and electronics industry as a full-service provider, from the initial idea to mass production.

Logo Bvelopment

Dr. Hao Li - TU Wien

"Dr. Verma is a very enthusiastic person. He has had many years of valuable working experience in research and development in the field of renewable energy, as well as plenty of insights into funding applications. He established this firm to offer others the chance to see his valuable insight. I would highly recommend it!"

Maxxyt GmbH

"We develop one of the most popular wearable wrist-watch-like electronic devices used by people training in fitness centres and gyms. Thanks to its electronic sensors and microcontrollers it offers users an opportunity to monitor their training activities. While we were busy developing our technical concept & product, Dr Vijay K Verma worked with us on receiving an AWS Preseed grant for our project. With his support, our financial worries were gone and we could simply focus on our business and product development. We found that writing and preparing the funding application was extremely difficult and time-consuming.
For a start-up like us, our time and focus are extremely important. With Dharma funding solutions we always feel as through we are in the right hands when it comes to public funding."

Param Corp GmbH

"With the help of Dr. Verma, we have successfully realised our project in the real estate industry. With his help and highly-professional expertise in the funding & financial field, we were successful in having multiple funding applications accepted. Dr. Verma and his team are very dedicated to the success of their clients. We were further able to realise more developments and innovations in the field of real-estate by working with Dharma Funding Solutions."

Gymneus GmbH

"Dharma Funding Solutions is doing excellent work in supporting startups in successfully finding funding for the short and mid term. A commendable team of professionals who lay great emphasis on quality and are customer focused. Can recommend in a heartbeat!"

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Our expertise in energy and sustainability

Below is just a small selection of specific projects we've worked on over the past few years

Smart Grid Operation

  • Distribution System Operator (DSO)

  • Active Network Management (ANM)

  • Local energy economy

  • Network integration

  • Contingency operation

  • Open automated demand response (OpenADR)

Distribution System Operator (DSO)

In the backdrop of localised network issues (such as voltage overshoot, phase unbalance and thermal loading due to harmonics) arising due to embedded generation and electronic loads, a shift is required in how distribution networks are operated. Distribution Network Operators DNOs, thus far responsible for maintaining and operating the (static) network, have to move to Distribution System Operator DSO role to actively/dynamically manage the devices connected to these networks. These include intelligent network switchgear, and embedded generation and loads (in cooperation with their owners). A market approach is being sought, which mandates price-responsive demand response (DR). The focus is on the technical challenge as well as associated regulatory issues which have to be dealt with.

Funding: Funded jointly by Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), SP Energy Networks, UK Power Networks (UKPN)

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Sustainable Energy Technologies

  • Redox Flow batteries

  • Inductive charging and stray magnetic field assessment

  • Hybrid generators

  • Integration of Voltage Regulators

Redox Flow Batteries

Grid connected Flow batteries are a candidate technology due to decoupling of power and energy, no self-discharge and high recyclability potential. They, however, have specific applications where they are suitable as compared to other more common types such as Li-ion batteries. The focus is on the operational logic and critical response times that are characteristic of this technology.

Funding: Korea Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) institute

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Simulation and Control of Electrical Systems

  • Simulation of control systems and electrical fault modelling

  • Real-time simulation of a highly dynamic system

  • Rapid control prototyping (RCP)

Simulation of Control Systems and Electrical Fault Modelling 

Electrical faults in motors and generators (e.g. wind energy conversion systems WECS) can quickly lead to complete failure due to excess heat generated from short circuits. It is absolutely critical to detect such a fault, and then isolate it, or stop the machine before irreparable damage occurs. The physical asymmetry introduced in the winding of the motor/generator also impacts the control e.g. a variable speed and frequency drive. Moreover, the control system also modifies how the fault manifests in the current and vibration of the system and makes it more challenging to detect it.

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