Funding Application

Development of your funding application

You're unsure of what to write and how to phrase your funding application? We'll support you in optimally preparing your application for funding. In addition to this, we'll develop a funding roadmap for your project so that you have an overview for next 2-3 years of your funding possibilities. With more than a decade of experience and many successful applications, we maximize your chances to actually receive the funding.

Writing funding applications is not only time-consuming, but also requires the right knowledge. And a lot of experience. Our multidisciplinary team works closely with you to offer you and your company / project the greatest possible benefit.

Our services for your company:

  • Find the right funding(s) for you:
    Depending on your project, different options may be available, from  a few thousands to several million euros
  • Development of a detailed project structure and funding roadmap for your project
  • Advice/support in drafting the funding application based on your research, documents and interviews with experts in your organization
  • Final quality control of the entire funding application
  • Administrative activities
  • Pitch training/preparation


Dr. Vijay K Verma
+43 677 625 798 82 (mobile)