EU Funding

We support you with your EIC Accelerator, EIC Pathfinder, or HORIZON Europe applications

At Dharma Funding Solutions Dr. Verma and his team are always looking to support you and your business in getting the funding you need.

We are happy to announce that we are further expanding our funding options and want to help small or medium sized businesses like yours to get European funding through either the EIC Accelerator, EIC Pathfinder, or HORIZON Europe initiatives, with the least hassle and highest chances of success.

Find out more about these initiatives below:

EIC Accelerator Programme

The EIC Accelerator is an initiative by the European Innovation Council to help fund and invest in SMEs which are looking to develop potential market-changing innovations and technologies. If you believe that your idea could completely revolutionise the market and change the game, but private investors are worried about your project being potentially high-risk, then the EIC Accelerator program is for you. The EIC can offer financial investment and support through two methods: 

  • Non-dilutive grant funding: Up to 2.5 million euros  
  • Direct equity investments: Up to 15 million euros 

Furthermore, the EIC can help you through coaching, mentoring, and networking activities. They offer this help and funding through their EIC Fund (as of 2022), an entity owned by the EU Commission. They prefer innovative ideas and particularly welcome female-led start-ups and SMEs.  

Learn more about the EIC Accelerator >

EIC Pathfinder

The EIC Pathfinder programme seeks to support researchers and research teams in developing and researching radically new and emerging technologies. If you are a member of an innovative SME, a research organisation, or a university looking to receive funding to assist in your research, then the EIC Pathfinder is for you. The EIC Pathfinder programme can offer grants of up to 3 to 4 million euros to support the development of future technologies. 

The EIC Pathfinder programme offers both

  • Open Funding
  • Challenge Driven Funding

Open: Funding for projects in any scientific or technological discipline

Challenge-Driven: Funding for projects relating to a list of specific topics and problems outlined by the EIC

 Learn more about the EIC Pathfinder >

Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the EU's main research and innovation funding programme, with a total budget of 95.5 billion euros set aside for innovative and sustainable projects.

Their vision includes plans to

  • Overcome climate change
  • Facilitate collaboration and innovation within the EU
  • Create new jobs and talent
  • Achieve the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Horizon Europe will fund ground-breaking innovations, allow you to use and work with ground-breaking research infrastructures, and will deal with problems in sustainability, agriculture, new technologies, and more!

 Learn more about Horizon Europe >

Contact: Dr. Vijay K Verma
+43 677 625 798 82 (mobile) 

If you have a market-changing idea, here's how we can help

We at Dharma love to work with small and medium-sized enterprises, especially those at the forefront of technological and environmental innovation. We know the value of your ideas and want to ensure that the EIC knows that too, we want to help you get the funding you need so that you and your ideas can change the market and our world for the better.  

What we can do for you: 

  • Support you in creating and drafting your project structure and outline, business plan, market analysis, detailed roadmap, critical path etc. through your research, organisational information, and interviews
  • Help with building the project consortium for multi-partner EU projects (Horizon Europe)
  • Ensure quality control over your project 
  • Help with administrative activities 
  • Help you prepare for your pitch 

Working with Dharma can only be a benefit for you, we have intricate knowledge of EU projects and funding applications, and will do what we can to ensure that you receive the funding you need to make your project a success. 

Want to explore your EU funding options? See how we can help you change the future? Get in touch now.

SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals

We at Dharma believe in and follow the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN and adapted by the European Commission, we believe that technical innovations, especially in the sustainability and environmental sectors are essential for the good of nature, humankind, and our planet, and with 150 successful financings beneath our belt you know that you can trust us on our quality, time-management, and morals.

Learn more about the SDGs >

How do I know if my product is a good fit for EIC Accelerator funding? 

If you fulfil these criteria, then you may be eligible.

You have a product which could revolutionise, create, and disrupt European and worldwide markets

Your product needs a high investment capital, but you cannot quite convince conventional private investors to invest due to elevated levels of risk

You are an SME or a start-up looking to scale up your new innovations

Want to explore your EU funding options? See how we can help you change the future? Get in touch now.