Energy and Environmental Consulting

We are experts in Energy and Environmental Consulting.

The main focus of DFS is to provide competent analysis, advice and solutions from the very early stages of the project up until it is completed. We support start-ups, SMEs, and researchers, as well as private and public institutions with tailor-made technical and business consulting in the field of energy, economics and environment.

The unique strength of our highly qualified team of specialists combines technical, business and entrepreneurial skills.

DFS expertise covers the following topics:

  • State-of-the-art analysis of various technologies in the energy or environmental sector
  • Evaluation of various standards, quality labels and market-driving factors for energy and environmental technologies/services.
  • LCA/LCCA/life cycle assessment analyses, eco-design etc.
  • Various evaluation theories, principles, models and tools
  • Environmental impact analysis for various (bio)fuels and associated technologies
  • Various analysis on topics such as energy, the environment and climate change in order to offer technical support or to build capacity for our (inter)national customers.

Through our ongoing projects, we already have extensive expertise in the following areas:

Photovoltaics, solar heating, biomass heating and CHPs, hydropower, wind power, biofuel production, circular bioeconomy and agriculture etc.

A few selected projects:

  • The Solmate: Small scale plug & play solar PV with battery backup for city balcony (EU project, SME Instrument)
  • DoroTurbine: Small container based hydroturbine engineered for water depth ~2m (Austrian)
  • Q-Direct: Development of quality referencials for small scale renewable energy systems (International)

Our other involvements and participation

  • 6th International Environmental Best Practices Conference. 22-26 September 2019, Olsztyn, Poland
  • BIOMAGIC: BIOproducts from lignocellulosic biomass derived from MArginal land to fill the Gap In Current national bioeconomy
  • EBIPREP: Efficient Use of Biomass for low Emission Production of Renewable Energy and biotechnological valuable Products
  • PANACEA: Non-Food Crops for a European BioEconomy
  • STAR-PROBIO: Sustainability Transition Assessment and Research of Bio-based Products

Contact Dr. Vijay Verma:

Dr. Vijay K Verma
+43 677 625 798 82

Dharma Funding Solutions is in line with the 17 sustainable goals set by European Commission via our experts on renewable energy, environmental and circular-bioeconomy topics. 

Presently, we are involved in more than 25 projects covering several of the 17 EU sustainability goals.

With more than 180+ successful fundings, we have developed a network and collaborations with clients and partners from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Finland and many other countries.