About Dharma Funding Solutions

Our name, our mission

Dharma is an old Indian Sanskrit term that describes a small stream that flows continuously and finds its own way.

At the beginning of every new start-up project, you embark on a similar journey and need to keep working continuously to find your path, but you're not alone: Whether you're founding a company, developing a new product, or researching a new idea, we can be there to provide support.

If you need help with planning your business model, drawing up your business plan, analysing the market and competition, or need advice on financing and funding options - Dharma Funding Solutions is the right partner for you.

Our team has gathered countless years of experience in the areas of business development, market research, and public financing strategy with small, medium, and large companies, research institutions, individuals, and start-ups. We know how to adapt to your individual requirements and pay special attention to creating an optimal financing combination on a local, regional, national, and EU level for research and development activities, investments, and for personal and organizational areas.

Since 2006, our consultants have been involved in national and international funding projects in the EU, Austria (AWS, FFG, SFG, WAW), Belgium, Finland, and other countries such as India. We have worked with companies and funding projects at every stage: from project preparation to project coordination and project management.

In Austria, there are funding opportunities for every phase of your business process

  • Early idea development
  • Preparation phase
  • Start-up Phase
  • Growth Phase
  • Prototype Development
  • Patenting/IPR
  • Real estate/equipment purchasing or renting

We can help relieve you of the administrative work and ensure that you can concentrate on your own expertise.

The process is very simple:
Contact us today and see how we can help you and your company reach its full potential!